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Corporate Management is operated with a lean and experienced staff, supported by an extensive network of expert resources. We are able to hire the right capabilities and skill sets for the specific needs of any project. This structure allows us to better serve our clients�needs and assign every project to an expert in that area. Our areas of expertise include:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee:
Kipperman is a panel trustee for the Southern District of California and has served as trustee since 1986 in over 30,000 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. He has also been elected trustee in a Chapter 7 case in the Central District of California.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases:
Kipperman is involved in numerous Chapter 11 cases pre-filing, post filing and post confirmation. He has held positions as trustee, examiner and responsible person. Corporate Management also provides post confirmation services addressing outstanding issues including asset liquidations, litigation supervision, claims management and distributions. Our network utilizes a resourceful approach, executed to completion with efficiency.

Provisional Director:
In situations where the directors of a corporation cannot fulfill the management of its affairs and conduct business in an advantageous manner, Kipperman will act as a provisional director. The provisional director has the rights and powers of a director and attends board meetings as a voting member—often becoming the tie breaker.

As an alternative to the filing of a bankruptcy petition, a “General Assignment For The Benefit of Creditors�provides a mechanism for which an orderly liquidation of assets and payment of creditors can be accomplished.

During litigation, when a court action places property or a business under our control as receiver, we ensure that sound business practices are followed. Our goal is to preserve the relevant aspects of business operations that allow the business to move forward, while mitigating as many debts as possible. As a fiduciary, we take our custodial responsibility very seriously, protecting the property of others, including tangible and intangible assets and rights.

Corporate Management, Inc. supports the mission of the California Receivers Forum, a non-profit organization formed by interested receivers with attorneys, accountants and property managers, to raise the level of professionalism among receivers throughout the state. With our knowledge base, professionalism and customer service, we provide the ethical administration of our receivership practice.

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